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  1. you can reach them and they will provide 2 samples.
  2. Would anyone be interested to start group buy from C4C for JNCIE SP ?
  3. there is GB started today... in GB section
  4. the question most likely is bad worded. no-export - don't advertise to eBGP 'internet', no-advertise - don't advertise at all. there is no community afaik to advertise to eBGP but not to IBGP peers.
  5. VDC doesn't provide end to end isolation, only local on switch. VRF though does - considering this is full VRF (MPLS), not VRF lite. leaking/shared vrf has to be configured explicitly. but you right, exact wording could be the key.
  6. 5.L2 extention through IP in the data center(MAC-in-IP) a.fiberpath b.TRILL c.OTV d.Vxlan the answer is D imo. OTV/TRILL is DCI (data centers interconnect), VXLAN though is to use within data center. ANSWER B 9.to use multiple path from distribution to core a.install IGP b.ECMP c.RSTP+ d.HSRP the answer is B, C/D don't provide multiple path.
  7. ostap

    H1 Section 5.4

    there were question variations, one was to use authentication. i guess if question implicitly asked for auth - configure it, otherwise - dont.
  8. congratulations on number! question about LAB, you said: Jamson main office was only importing datacenter. Jacobs Main office & Jamsons datacenter: imported all. in this case, the route from Jacob's main office to Jameson's main office will go thru MPLS, however from Jam to Jac will flow thru datacenter (because Jam's main office doesn't import Jac's main office). this doesn't sound right for me. thanks
  9. there are 2 solutions (pdf files) from CCIEMAN2016, v4 and v5, which one do you refer to ? either way i dont really get your idea. can you provide configuration ? if you "block" routes on just one router (ie R9), then R10 will install route to external EIGRPs via R9 = not optimal path.
  10. w/o knowing exact question - no way to provide one universal solution. ie: looking at the provided answer i doubt why: Jameson's main office import only DC & Jacob's main office, however Jacob's main office imports everything. what is so special about Jacob's main office ?
  11. ostap

    MPLS Need help

    honestly, with this amount of information - you won't get any help. at bare minumum - where is located ?
  12. ye, "both" was obviously a joke i would use approach based on lab wording. if it says "you allowed to create static route" - go with static, if something "no static routes are allowed" - go with ipcp. just my thought.
  13. if you really want to ping from PE's egress interface, you need to advertise this network from CE into internal network, otherwise your internal network (SW1) has no idea about network between R7/R11. really basic troubleshooting, 1. you ping from R7, what is egress interface ? - e0/0, what is ip address ? - 2. on destination (SW1), do you see network in routing table ? - no, fix it.
  14. in this particular case - you either configure ipcp or static route (well, or both if you really want to ).
  15. ostap

    H2 5.3 HSRP

    try to disable cef on switches - no ip cef
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