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    Passed recently I used Thegolive file and the file in this URL [Hidden Content] Use them both you will be fine. some answers are wrong so you need to do your own research
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    The hub router. Cant remember the hostname
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    Its all in the forums on this website \
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    Hi all. I usually stay quiet on these forums. Now i have finally passed with last 72 hours and will share my feedback. I would like to thank everyone for there feedback. Too many too mention but you all know who you are! MY TIP : Learn the technology. If you think you can go into the Lab with all braindump and no little knowledge. You have slim chance of passing. Just my 2 cents TS --- 1. Vlan 12 missing on trunk (SW2) 2. Wrong Password 3. Passive interface on R22 4. Metric Weights (all devices need to be added metric weights to match the output) 5. MED on R4 or R6. Cant remember exactly. 6. Mobile Network not advertised on R25 7. R18 had wrong mapping and one other (cant remember) 8. Did not complete. I started playing around with thing but started to break the resolution for other questions (like Question 5). So i left it out completly. I saw R7 was missing NAT but could not find another issue 9.Wrong peer address. 10. NAS missing IP Domain lookup Diagnostics -------------- VTP issue with MAC address. EIGRP was redistrubiting the WAN interface URPF. LAB ---- Same as discussed in the forums. No major changes. VRF RSTP OSPF with max metric on R1 EIGRP with Authentication DMVPN with VRF IPV6
  5. didnt really check TBH. Sorry
  6. Took lab recently. TS is always a b1tch for me!!! I will provide from what i can remember... K7+ Solid. Did not attempt the ZBF. TS5 New ---------- SNMP -------- On r17, had an SNMP string witch an ACL. This ACL did not have my ip address. Add my source IP address (R14) and worked PPP Multilink ---------------- Wrong pool name on Multilink. Easy fix PPPoE: ---------- Cant remember IPv6 Phone. --------------- Did not resolve. Issue with Tunnel but i could not figure it out IGP ---- Cant remember MSDP -------- PIng from R24 was ok, but not R28. ip pim nbma mode was on. There was an ACl on R23, changed and still not work. I missed something but not sure what BGP ----- R3 - R4, put a next hop self towards R4 and traceroute was working fine. Pass MST ------ Server is connected to SW5. The interface had bpduguard. removed. Passive interface on both SW5 and SW6. Removed and working TCP SYN attack -------------------- Did not attempt Ill be here for V5. Also be heading over to the Juniper section for a while. Good luck to all.
  7. Crabwalker, Users are NOT allowed to access any remote Web server during Office hours (9:00 to 16:59, Monday to Friday) The question said deny HTTP from Monday to Friday. What about Saturday and Sunday? See my amendment below time-range HTTPTIME periodic weekdays 17:00 to 23:59 periodic weekdays 0:00 to 8:59 periodic weekend 00:00 to 23:59
  8. jammnyx

    Initial Configs

    Hi, Does any of the labs come with the access vlan configured to ensure connectivity between 2 devices?
  9. santospimentel, I believe that is exaclty the problem. I failed this and i think you may hyave just carcked it
  10. jammnyx

    K7/K7++ SNMP

    I found this on the DOCIS CD.... Also, before you configure remote users for a particular agent, configure the SNMP engine ID using the snmp-server engineID command with the remote option. The remote agent's SNMP engine ID is required when computing the authentication and privacy digests from the password. If the remote engine ID is not configured first, the configuration command will fail. Im guessing we need this somewhere
  11. What did yoi get for last section?
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