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  1. @bvn63! Stack is right: The folder is empty. Please have a look.
  2. I really appreciate all your efforts. You have done a wonderful job. Regarding the links through email, they are all dead.Could please share them again on mega or G-drive. It will help the whole community as lot of people are looking for them. Again huge respect and regards.
  3. I am not sure if anyone else is facing the same issue, but all I am getting after following the link is mega.nz login page with two different browsers, asking me to login with my credentials.Seems like you didn't copy the share URL correctly. Would appreciate if you can check and re-share the link . Thanks
  4. @chonky! Is this some sort of prank ?????????????????
  5. TuPadre! Any chance you can re-share this great stuff again or anyone who got it from original share may mind to share it for others.
  6. Awesome Share smartlen! wonderful stuff. Keep going mate.
  7. @mahmoudmoosa Please re-up if possible. Anyone else who has been able to grab it , might be kind enough to share.
  8. Anyone who has been able to grab this may be kind enough to re-share.
  9. Thanks mavis for prompt action. Unfortunately I couldn't make it this time either.
  10. @mavis Would you be kind enough to re-post a live link ,as always........
  11. Since when we have started tolerating this (post #5) kind of diction and abusive behaviour? I wonder if we need these kind of foul-mouthed members here? If one is not able to appreciate your selfless sharing and help, he shouldn't be allowed here.
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