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  1. Thank you very much. Appreciate that.
  2. Not working. Are you able to re-upload please?
  3. No seed? download speed 0.0 kbps. Can you please seed? Thank you very much.
  4. Please extend 2 more days.. I just noticed this and I am downloading. Unfortunately my internet is slow. It will take 2 days. Is it ok? Thanks
  5. Ackld

    AWS Ebooks

    Same here. I got same error. Unable to dlownload the above book.
  6. I cant download it. I am getting: Thank you, Your Download Will Start Immediately with The Highest Speed File Download Link Generated Click Here To Download I click the above "Click here to download" but it does not work. Anybody please advise if that link is still working? Thanks Dont worry about it. I have found it in this link: [Hidden Content] NOTE: Click: Go to Download Tutorials Page Then select: download link uptobox.com Then wait several seconds to count down, then you can download with 1.7Meg speed. The rest of the links are dead.
  7. Thank you. I am waiting for the new link. I was just about folder 7 when the link became offline. Thanks again.
  8. LInk is not working. Please re-share if you do not mind.. thank you so very much.
  9. It asks for the decryption key. Can you please share? Thanks a lot.
  10. This is great. Hope it will be continued with the next shares.
  11. Yes one of the link requires the decryption key. Will you be able to provide please? Thanks
  12. This is a great share. thanks
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