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  1. Can you please upload in mega or google drive?
  2. This torrent does not have any speed! None is seeding!
  3. Yes it does [Hidden Content]
  4. None sharing this PDF. The PDF book should be Enough!
  5. Anyone have this course PDF please, Recent version? Share!!!
  6. Do you have the Linux Escalation Courses?
  7. Links are not working. 403 forbidden!
  8. better

    PTP v5

    You used windows version of 7-zip? Linux version is failed!
  9. better

    PTP v5

    I just downloaded it 5.6 GB in size. But can't extract. Perhaps something missing? Perhaps something missing? Can you generate sha1sum hash of the original file in your computer?
  10. Thanks for update! You uploaded all video or it is still being updated? I see it is about 4 GB of Videos + PDFs
  11. Download link is down. Please share the link again! I really need this course!
  12. The link is down. Can someone reupload please?
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