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  1. I am currently testing deployments with WDS and MDT 2010 and have run into a little snag. We have a boot server configured on most subnets for thin clients to find a network OS so we cannot use PXE boot for image deployment. I created a discover image from a Server 2008 boot.wim and placed that on a bootable USB drive. This works for basic image deployment but does not grab my MDT task sequences. Next I copied the Litetouch .wim file that MDT creates onto my flash drive and this works with the task sequences but with the annoyance that if I update the deployment share and create a new .wim file it will have to be redistributed to all of our techs. I guess what I am looking for is a discover process that can boot from USB and point our machines to the WDS server via IP address and nothing else. Is this possible?
  2. Thanks for the responses! Just to be clear, if I choose not to have WDS perform the domain join, then the MDT task sequence will do this?
  3. You know when you first boot to the MDT WinPE and it prompts for credentials to connect to deployment shares? Is there a way to pass those credentials to the domain join? I want to skip the domain join wizard page but I don't want to have a domain password in plaintext in the customsettings file. Any ideas?
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