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  1. This site has been the cradle of the best and hard to find stuff not even asking you for money nor being a private tracker. Your account has no posts and practically no reputation, you didn't share a thing, so I don't see why you feel so entitled to say something like that. If you don't like it, move on and get the fck out of here.
  2. Hi, does anyone have this or knows where to download it? Thank you! J.
  3. Thank you man. Any chance you have anything on CSA, CTIA and/or CIH?
  4. What do you mean? Like it is all there is in terms of good content?
  5. Hi people, I want to start this topic so we discuss useful resources (courses) for Blue Team and Read Team since its good to know what people think of them and help others to know useful things to look for since we live in an age of overwhelming information and vast ammount of resources where I feel like just a tiny % is actually worth it because there is much "crap" out there since everyone and their mom make a course or write a book. So, here's what I think has valuable info (in no particular order): SANS (ikr) OffensiveSecurity eLearnSecurity/INE (mostly for cybersecurity) NetworkDefense.io Chiron PentesterAcademy Cqure Academy Hakin9 Vitali Kremez I am not very into courses in udemy or pluralsight at least for these topics, skimmed through some but, to me, they don't go in any depth or at least they don't have anything that can't be replaced with something above. But if you know some thats cool post it. Also came across securityblue.team website, they have a Blue Team Level I course but honestly looking at the contents seems very basic and plain crap, they say they will have a Level 2 course for 2021 and a Level 3 for 2022 (idk why do they take SO LONG) but I hope they do a much better job than the Level 1. So, anything to add that I am not aware of and missing some neat stuff? Pick your poison!
  6. Can you elaborate on this? Who has it? (I mean, who is "admin") and whats the other "private site"?
  7. Do you have all you need? DM me for direct links if you still need something. Although I saw some user shared a link here so maybe he uploaded it somewhere else.
  8. I don't understand when you say "like mediafire" since the links are Mediafire. If you didn't got the links and want the direct ones DM me. If you meant "like Mega", in the past I thought that a way to import was cool and useful but since what happened with the SANS 2020 I feel its just an stupid thing. I mean, its useful only if the original links dont get taken down since even if you imported them before the take down they will take down what you have imported which is fucking stupid but as I understand Mega works in a way that doesn't make copies if files are the same (even if you download a folder and then upload that same folder), its pretty much like making a link file on Windows so that's why it happens.
  9. Well, yes... I know you have to stop adblock (click "allow") for it to be redirected, but I mean come on people never downloaded anything that required to do this? Or used an online website to watch a tv show? I can't believe there is people never came across this to know how its done. The issue isn't uploading somewhere else, if I did uploaded somewhere else I'd use the shortener too for the link not to be in plain sight and also disuade "chronic reporters" because they are too lazy to get to the real link or they are stupid enough not to get to the real link in the first place, that's the reason.
  10. Well, only time will tell about the logic unless some other IDIOT does not get the links and share in plain url. Why is a useless site? It lets you download and the speed is good so the preference of any other site is just nitpicking. In fact Mega is worse and until I don't figure a way to make it less likely to be taken things down, I'll do my best not to use it. Just used it for the passwords since it was faster and not copyright. In fact I was ready to send the direct links to users who had trouble or requested it like @dadiprasad or @revsecthat has been looking for it for some time, or someone else. No If its not working you wouldn't be requesting the "actual links" since they would be the same links. They are working fine. ========= God, I was thinking to upload a SANS course that wasn't uploaded again but if I am going to get all this there is no way I'd upload more than 50GB so everyone cries about it.
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