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  1. there is already group towards EI CCIE ping me will add you.,
  2. Lab changing, if you are not attempting before Feb 2020, so wait for V6 or practice old material already shared in the CC forum, search
  3. ping me will add active group.
  4. there are already many groups around, why invent the wheel, join them so you can share your experience with them.
  5. all shared already here [Hidden Content]
  6. pm intrested to take one.
  7. what of security audit tool if you looking penetration Kali Linux is free to use.
  8. ramindia

    2019 lab

    Good lab video, how did you able to make that GUI and its nice and easy for labbing people ? is there any where shared that ?
  9. promise2 Good work, yes it erquirement more hardwork. is this your second CCIE ?
  10. Service Provider - has differen track, look [Hidden Content]
  11. make sure the interface correctly tagged for managment to work.
  12. yes new SAS IRON image supported related ccie sec v5 labs.
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