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  1. kindly share the new ones
  2. Hello any one got the course with the new videos? Regards,
  3. passed today with 9XX GIO dump is valid + PL (take care of some question) check the updates here [Hidden Content]
  4. Dears do any one has latest version of any VCE player (cracked) on PC or Android?
  5. interested please add me
  6. direct link [hide][Hidden Content]] thanks to the original uploader enjoy
  7. thanks venomzaki for your contripution ------------------------------------------------ these files are grabbed by me video 20 [Hidden Content] video 36 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. it is not free, it is taken via prearsonvue i will take professional not associate
  9. yes it is, you will not find it on pearson vue unless you have access code
  10. Dears, any one can help me in getting dump for PSE-Platform Professional from certkindgdom ASAP [Hidden Content] thanks in advance
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