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  1. Hi root0, I believe asav does not support firepower services but, non ''v'' version does? Thanks
  2. guys I downloaded the torrent, but not sure how to convert .bin files to qcow2 to use in eve-ng I am after asa992-61, I believe it has fire power. can some one please advise.
  3. H2/H2+, TS1 and Diag 1 are active all around the world this is confirm news as couple of guys got it last week.
  4. just hear from friend his and an other friends lab was in Hongkong today, and he said total of 8 candidates for R&S, and atleast five of them had cfgh3, other 3 he dont know, but he said they did not leave early so probably they did not get the new lab. looks like a rumour what guys are describing here, is a totalyy new lab, just asked spoto and they saying h3+ with same topology???? what is going on, no one knows for sure.
  5. Congrats Vergy, thanks for sharing the feedback. can you tell which version of spoto is current for CFGH3 please? I heard the current version is 2.1? is this correct if you can confirm since you mentioned, you used their solutions. Regards
  6. Passed the exam today 2 hours ago. 100q still valid.
  7. Passed the exam today 2 hours ago. 100q still valid
  8. any one passed today? i am thinking of booking for tomorrow or Monday.
  9. hi all, any idea how often these questions get change? last time the questions were changed on 08/12/2018 when alot of us fail the very same day? I like to do the exam again but cautious this time as I really don't want to loose money again.
  10. hi all, what do you think the righ answer is for Question 10? is it B &C or B &D? I think it should be B&d any suggestion
  11. these are old dumps not new version, all questions and D&D are old do not waste your time.
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