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  1. Hi Guys, thanks for the answers.... Wow, I know it's very dificult !! Since I had to recertificate I came to study some points, but nothing compared to CCIE. I just "fighting" to become selected by my company to participate on our program IP Speciallist wich contains CCIE 360. I don't know so much about CCIE360, but with some colleagues feedback I would think that it's very practical, so I'm rushing to have the knowledge and concept as fast and deep as possible in order to go through all the course well. Let's work !!
  2. Hi Guys, First of all, pls excuse me if I'm adding repeat post, but I was trying to find similar according to my doubts. I'm a very new to CCIE certification. I'm CCNA,CCNP, CCIP but last 4 years I was throughly focused in Packet Core networks. So I decided to get CCIE certification and come back to IP environment also. So, as I'm in the very beggining (just reading Cisco Press CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide v4.0), I just like to see if You can help me to meet the requirements to get CCIE. I'm planning in 2 or 3 months do the W/R exame; But I want to study entire buk before take the exam. After that I'll give more 4 or 5 months preparing for lab if is enough. So Could you kindly help me with address to get certified? I want to mount a virtual lab on my laptop but I don't know how can I do it; I want a kindly script to follow in these labs. Ie: 1- configure vlan 200; 2 apply it on a interface etc etc etc.... And I'm seeing so many new words like K1, K2, K2+ etc etc etc.. I've never know about it.. sorry for my dumb.... What I'm thinking is, when I complete, for ex chapter 2 of the book(vlan), I can practice to create vlan and all stuffs of this chapter. Is that correct? Thanks a lot for your help ! Let's work to get CCIE.
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