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  1. Not required, able to open the link.
  2. This might help, please check. [Hidden Content] Thx, ITH
  3. Pls refer below post. [Hidden Content] Regards, ITH
  4. you can Download from below link.. [Hidden Content] Thx ITH
  5. Dear All, I got one good site where you can get study materials of almost every thing including PDF, Video etc. This is an Indian site, and good for even students and professionals. Below are the site URL and some sample search result in the site. [Hidden Content] Also here the alternative ink for my older post. As the site admin is our member, when ever I shared updated link he modify the same, hopping this link might work for some time. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Thx ITH
  6. Mega link [Hidden Content] Thx ITH
  7. this might be helpful for you [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Thx ITH
  8. yes currently the site seems down...lets wait for couple of days....If the site doesn't come up, will close this thread... Mean while all such free tutorial are available on net on different site... Just google "download free tutorials" and you can get many sites.... Thx ITH...
  9. refer below link for key gen [Hidden Content] Thx ITH
  10. HI All, I got below URL from where you can download lots of courses which are available in downloadfreetutorials. All these are torrent files, select which domain you need and download what you required. Pls note that I haven't downloaded these, as very huge in size and collection. Pls check and share your feedback which may help our members. Most of them are from Udemy Courses include for below domain: Academics Artificial Business CBT Nuggets CISSP GooGle Adsense GoogleAdsense Hacking Health & fitness Language Lifestyle Linkedin Lynda Mobile Music Office productivity Personal Development Photography PluralSight SANSHacks Windows css design digital marketing it java java & android machine learning new python [Hidden Content] Thx ITH
  11. I think even if you upload on any file share site, it might go soon(felt by seeing above comments), better use [Hidden Content] or torrent, so it will not go down so fast. Sad thing is that who ever download the stuff, no one is ready to share... Thx ITH
  12. Use online link generator to get faster link. I converted and got new link, using it download can do fast, but I don't know whether this link will be valid for all... above link shows 6hrs for downloading but I completed with in 25-30 min... Thanks to khiloc [Hidden Content] Thx ITH
  13. Dear All, I was doing some research on "enterprise security architect & Robotic-Process-Automation", and collected some materials, which I am sharing here. Some materials are old but good to read. As the future will be on Cloud, IAM(identity access Management) and of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Security will be one of the growing field in industry if companies will adopt these process. No more existing business/office world (big big buildings and all are working from there) will be there by adopting RPA and moving to Cloud&IAM. Companies can save a huge amount of money which they used to invest on infrastructure, and can allow the employees to work from any-ware. Some points from the shared documents are mentioned here (I have not yet completely read all books) about RPA. RPA offers $2 trillion in savings: PwC Consulting firm PwC believes that Automation technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA).could have an effect on service businesses that would be as dramatic as the effect that conventional robots have had on manufacturing. It estimates over 45% of workplace activities can be automated providing a potential $2 trillion in savings across the globe. Put simply, RPA is a set of concepts and technologies designed to intelligently automate repetitive business, industrial, and other tasks. RPA has little to do with what we commonly understand as “robots” in the conventional sense of the word. Rather, RPA is defined by algorithms that are built to enhance return on investment (ROI), boost execution speed, and improve the quality of business results. A report on sales order solutions for the supply chain from Gartner and Esker shows a range of positive results from document processing automation, including: • 55 percent lower order processing costs • 99.6 percent order entry accuracy rate • 60 percent reduction of labour overhead in order entry • 40 percent increase in electronic throughput rate Why use RPA? The primary driver for the implementation of many RPA systems is the significant cost savings opportunities they provide typically somewhere between one-third and one-fifth of the cost of a full-time equivalent (FTE) member of personnel, depending on the location of that individual. There are, however, a number of other potential benefits: • improved quality - through the elimination of human errors and delays; • better productivity - short return on investment timeframe – RPA deployments can be done over short timescales with minimal configuration or integration needed; • a happier, more motivated workforce - a robotic workforce enables redeployment of personnel to focus on higher value and more complex tasks; • enhanced resilience and scalability - digital labour doesn’t take holidays or succumb to illness, will carry out the prescribed functions in a consistent manner, and can be scaled up or down to meet changes in demand; • enhanced collection of transactional data; and • improved compliance and regulatory risk - achieved through all of the above combined with better management information and an auditable transaction trail. More generally, deploying RPA allows an organisation to re-examine its operational model. For example, processes which were previously offshored can be repatriated and automated. Large, inflexible outsourcing agreements, which are often heavily dependent on FTE pricing models, can be renegotiated and/or broken up. FTEs who previously performed the affected activities may be redeployed to more valuable roles, although in some circumstances their positions in the organisation may become redundant. 30%–40% of existing business process services are likely to be impacted by RPA Cost reduction of 35%–65% for onshore operations and 10%–30% for offshore operations RPA is estimated to lead to 30%–35% reduction in entry-level roles and increase mid-level roles Estimated that 85% of a typical firm’s 900+ processes can be automated; 110m to 140m FTE capacity could be released by 2025 Books: enterprise security architect An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture CRC.Securing.Systems.Applied.Security.Architecture.and.Threat.Models cybersecuritymetricsforbod-161119160657 Enterprise Architecture & Security Architecture Development_Shahram_Farzaneh Enterprise Architecture Frameworks A Critique Review Enterprise Cloud Security and Governance Enterprise Security Architecture - Rassoul Ghaznavi-Zadeh enterprisesecurityarchitecture-140302122809-phpapp02 Essentials of Enterprise Network Security Hands-On_Cybersecurity_for_Arch_-_Neil_Rerup ISSA_Journal Packt Publishing - Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies SANS_SEC501-Advanced-Security-Essentials-Enterprise-Defender-Pdf Securing Systems - Brook S. E. Schoenfield securityarchitecture-130227220753-phpapp02 securityarchitecture-141015044749-conversion-gate02 Security-by-Design in Enterprise Architecture securitymodelsforthreatmanagement-111109035725-phpapp01 togenterprisesecurityarchitectureframeworkv1-0-0-130417005805-phpapp01 RPA Books: 24th World Mining Congress PROCEEDINGS Business Process Automation with ProcessMaker 3.1 A Beginner’s Guide Learning_Robotic_Proc Measurement Technology for Process Automation Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Robotic Process Automation ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION Robotic-Process-Automation-June2015 ROBOTICS. ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW WORLD Transformative Enterprise Architecture Guiding and Governing the Metamorphosis of Organizations and IT Ecosystems WHITE PAPER - ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION [Hidden Content] Thx ITH
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