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  1. nu11

    CCIE vs CCDE

    As a CCDE+CCIE certified, here are my 2 cents: CCDE is currently valuable for its holders only (as a prestige, because of lack of dumps). There is no requirement for CCDEs for Cisco Gold partners up to this point. CCIE value - for cisco gold partners - yes, for everyone else - no. Mainly because of the dumps and big competition from different vendors What does CCIE give you - 1) Knowledge (if you are not relying on dumps) 2) HR review pass. Try to search any online job platform for CCDE keyword and you'll be surprised that there are only few job offerings asking for CCDE. About salaries - certificates won't give you more if you don't have the relevant knowledge and experience. Certificate doesn't pass you technical job interview, nor do your job, doesn't configure/troubleshoot or design your company's /client's network.It's your responsibility and if you can't do that well, don't expect much. Nowadays technology is changing at a really fast pace so even if you are expert level certified with relevant experience you must continue to learn new things/technologies in order to be well paid as a technical role (that absolutely correct for a contract jobs). If you don't like this, then probably you should go to the management direction, focusing more on soft skills.
  2. Guys, I'm also looking for these books as pdf. Thanks!
  3. I also have the scenarios, unfortunately without any explanations. Most of the answers seem to be obvious, but some are not. It will be really helpful for me if you can share that, or if you wish we can discuss them together?
  4. nu11

    CCDE Group Study

    Count me in. I'm targeting August 29th. PM me please for skype details.
  5. Cisco is trying to save the value of CCDE, which is good. Is it so hard to have different scenarios each time, there are only 4 exam dates per year? Most likely the biggest challenge is that those scenarios should be at the same/similar difficulty. And the other one is that the scenarios should be good, well written and most important created and reviewed by a team of CCDE/CCAr certified guys (under NDA). Is there any official announcement? Shell I schedule it for August, or their are going to completely change the format?
  6. Does anyone has additional information?
  7. nu11


    Hey JOHN1, 35 passes on Feb. session - seems to me that the exam was successfully cracked. Could you please send me a PM to discuss it further? Regards
  8. Hey guys, apart from the dump, what you are using for exam preparation? In the past (2007, lol 10 years from now) there was a really nice official cisco ARCH course (including all hot technologies at that time like ACE modules, FWSMs, NAC, the old cisco 65K switches, 3750 stacks and so on). I believe that most of the questions in that dump (probably 50% or more) are based on that course. Has anyone seen a newer official ARCH cisco course? I'm expecting at least fully re-written data center chapters (with all nexus, otv, fabricpath, vxlan, ACI, APIC, vPC technologies), probably newer security chapters (including firepower, newer FW and IPS features) and so on.
  9. Were there any "evolving technologies" like ACI, SDN and so on?
  10. Is anyone interested in skype group? I agree that CCDE candidates are less than other tracks, so lets group together and share knowledge!
  11. Anyone has those videos? Please re-upload it.
  12. Links are dead. Could you please re-upload?
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