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  1. Thanks man but I already figured out the same
  2. Hello, Is there any ray of hope to find the dumps and cracked the exam today? as I need it very very urgent. Thanks
  3. If the Group is still active then I would req the Admin to add me or PM me for the details.
  4. still any hope for the exam? and plz let me know the qualification process for VCP NV exam? Thanks in advance.
  5. I think billion dollar question as I'm also in the same boat as of you !! Let wait and see if someone comes with the answer here..
  6. where is the voucher for VCP DCV. Plz let me know if you still have the voucher alive??
  7. Hi Everyone, I need VCP-DCV dumps on urgent basis. Pls suggest valid site to get buy the dumps from or anyone here in the community who can help !! Thanks
  8. thru me a PM as I'm also in the CEH v10 arena. How to arrange the official courseware and other supplement of the exam?
  9. plz share Khawar Butt CCIE DC Video Course, the links above are not functioning anymore.
  10. do anyone have the 12th Edition? would be great if can share here in the forum !!!
  11. I am too interested. if possible can we create a GB for the same course?
  12. would u add as well? May is my exam month!!
  13. @Mikedhart I think I'm late to offer u my congrats but nevertheless "congrats"is always best My two point question is " How to Approach the CFG and TS with thorough understanding and with full command to at least score good percent in both.
  14. @zic0 would u plz share ur diag answers with me as my date is also approaching. As per the ISE password, I better to reset it back to the one which is provide in the Lab guidelines.
  15. tahir111

    Diag 2++++

    The same one I faced. As I found Q6 Ro Community switch and Switches so I became over excited but then it dim not to be so.. I then cheked other question which totally crewed me up. I think we better approach it either diag 2.2 or diag 2.3 it may not work but not good idea to read thru the files and fetch answers of our own... I hope someone will bring the sol prior to my exam which is going to be at the 2nd qurter of this month
  16. tahir111

    Diag 2++++

    I found it after observing the conversation. but yes it was something different while not Diag2+++ as question 7 was oky Maybe Diag2++ or Diag 2+++, but then afterward Q6 I found RO Community Mismatched i.e switches and switch. then who will decide whether its diag ur or mine .
  17. add me to your group as well, my exam is in Mid of May 2019.
  18. how can I send PM with 20 posts? plz guide me a bit! thnks
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