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  1. The downloads went fine, although it would seem as though the indexing of some of the videos, etc. is a tad off... still solid content in terms of the coursework though, thank you.
  2. Looking for any material I can use to supplement the ECC material. I'm doing this purely for credit towards my MSc, so any material that'll help me pas this exam in as little effort as possible will be much appreciated. I'll be buying the official material in any case when I buy the exam voucher, but anything additional will be welcome. "Official material" is usually rubbish for any cert. Thanks
  3. Looking for the latest Wireless Security and Pentesting course, PLEASE! [Hidden Content]
  4. The downloads from there work just fine, no issues with speed and the single verification isn't that big of a deal.
  5. Hi, Looking for any training material related to the NCSP (Foundation and/or Practitioner). Thanks
  6. Easy will depend on your experience. If you understand cloud technologies and platforms you'll do fine. The study guide, along with the Enisa Report and the OWASP Top 10 will help you pass. It's not very difficult though.
  7. The CCSK is open book and you get the material when you register for the exam. I don't think I've ever seen a dump for it.
  8. The downloads work just fine. Did you even bother trying? I'm thinking...no?
  9. Do not post link to external forums/warez sites. Post direct download link/magnet link instead.
  10. Would be much appreciated. [Hidden Content] TIA
  11. Looking for any M365 training, specifically around MDM/MAM and ATP. Lvl300+ preferred. Thanks
  12. I believe the KH course is free on Cybrary. Could be wrong.
  13. Looking for the official material for this please [Hidden Content] Thanks
  14. Are there current versions of SEC440 and SEC566 available? TIA
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