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  1. if you have the codes, it would be great to get a hold of them as vivek seems to have discontinued the "tweet" option. thanks
  2. i have tweeted the video as well as followed the guys but still cant get hold of the files..could someone care to upload? thanks.
  3. a great post.. Offsec guys know what they are talking about tbh..and are so creative..u have that creative mind..this is the place to be at..
  4. corelan is the best place to learn exploit development..sans has become tooo money minded these days tbh..my 2c
  5. in order to take the exam, u have to buy the course anywya..
  6. good call there..SANS and offsec are the ultimate resources, but there is no harm in browsing through other resources just to get a piece of mind from the person who is delivering the same. yes, the accent is thick, but, yea, i dont mind giving it a shot just to use another resource..more the merrier..end of the day it is the knowledge and not a certification! packetpub is a J.O.K.E for sure..no indepth, no concepts..
  7. any dev courses at all that could be shared? thanks.
  8. sure mate..we have to i reckon and not hijack this thread anymore.. anybody else wanting to join this group-buy can PM me or bhunter, thank you
  9. i am not too sure what is expensive for you might be expensive for the others.. I am up for this, and I reckon bhunter, you are up too. kernelcop, pentestered and salimnbackhack, are you guys in? 5 people, not too bad..thoughts?
  10. atleast 10 keen people would be a good deal i reckon.. $10 for the first month and $4 for the subsequent month.. note, the membership can be cancelled at anytime and we can carry over un-used views afaik.
  11. @kernelkop - it is a public forum, if you want to discuss your personal stuff, take it away from this thread and do not use this space as an alerting mechanism u curry muncher..
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