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  1. this is just my personal observation. although the Chinese ask for a lot of money you get the best bang for your buck. When you have questions and you dont understand a particular question/concept they will help you on that 1 on 1. but with the cheaper guys you dont get so much of specialized attention such that when you go for exam you will be unsure of what you might do. when you are going for the lab exam you need to "know" what you will be doing otherwise you will loose your valuable time, and might not finish intime.
  2. its rush hour. everyone is trying to beat the Feb 2020 exam change.
  3. my advice is do all of them, CFG1 and CFG2
  4. i did Service Provider 100% on EVE-NG. no need for any physical devices.
  5. i think you need to check on the websites of reputable vendors like spoto, 591lab or ielab.network. i believe these guys dont lie. so check on their websites and you will know what TS or CFG or diag is available. everyone else you need to be careful.
  6. just check/ask around also for DMVPN changes as well.
  7. look at any vendor website ([Hidden Content]) and practise everything that is listed in TS, DIAG, CFG. because you can get any of those in exam, so better be prepared.
  8. what do you mean your CFG has nothing in it. if possible share screenshot of what your are seeing so that we can better understand and help you.
  9. promise22k

    How many labs

    if you have vendor you follow vendor solution. im not sure i understand your question when you say elaborate?
  10. hahaha, many guys fail because of this. lol
  11. SP you wont find many stuff available online because 1. very few pple do it as compared to RS. 2 people usually pay for these, and as you can see "we" dont like to share for free. im just putting it out there. lol But RS i guess many people do it and thats why you can find most of the information on the forum.
  12. there are 2 screens and they are 24 inches.
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