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  1. hi amitbajpai111 plz how to verifying hash value with "verify nvram"
  2. guys is it correct or joking ?? my exam is next week at Bangalore so plz if any body know any info kindly advice this
  3. you should allow vlan 666 from port Port-channel 12 between Sw1 and Sw2
  4. guys i got the solutions for MST ticket when i see the log i see ports e1/2,3 on SW 6 blocked on instance 0 so i go to SW 5 and make priority high for instance 0 after that the tickit solved ..
  5. i am agree with wasiim something wrong i had try to make SW5 root and the same result !! i read post about guy who pass the exam before 3 days he just Chang the port priority on SW5 . so please we need help from expertise
  6. how can i access it by putty or secureCRT ?
  7. Hi every one please can any one provide us the INE - CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Preparation high quality i am already have low quality but i not find HQ on internet
  8. i am using the last version of web IOU and i am not facing any problem .. just i make the IOS to L3 15.0 for routers and L2 15.1 for switches ..
  9. thanks a lot for explanation .. i will try and get back to you ..
  10. please can any one share web IOU INEV1.gz file because i need to work with the new version IOU-WEB VM and the old one .zip not working
  11. Hi guys i am find torrent file for complete course . kindly check [Hidden Content]
  12. Dear the file deleted 06_using_acs_express_for_8021x_access_control.zip' is unavailable. This file was deleted. Please can any body reupload file 6 8021x_access_control .. i need this vedio uregent thanks and regards
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