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  1. And I get the same error when trying to boot it in ESXi
  2. I am trying to build a lab for V3 in eve-ng. When I made the UCOS disk bootable, I get this error on boot. I can install 11.5 without issue on same setup.
  3. You really think so? I was thinking about pursuing a CCIE Collaboration over the next couple years. It seems like cloud solutions would lead to more remote voice engineer jobs openings...
  4. You do not. SXP is between SW2 and ASA3. ISE doesn't need to talk SXP. That said, many people claimed to have set it and even put a pac file on SW2 and still passed.
  5. Yes, I had them in October at Richardson.
  6. It is in this torrent. Remember only works with 256M of ram. Otherwise you get the issue about not finding the root partition. [Hidden Content] Use hide tags. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces)
  7. no hacks I am aware of.. in my eve-ng I ended up running the NTP master on R17 and then making R15 and R16 sync with R17. Just so I new my certs were good.
  8. You don't need trust sec for SW2 in ISE and I don't think it will cause you to fail if you do configure it.
  9. Yes, it is normal. Clustering isn't like active/standy. no, SW2 doesn't need to install PAC or download SGT's. You do import the pac file on ASA3 and confirm it loads the SGT's.
  10. Check for matches on ASA4, traffic could be flowing thru there.
  11. What I used a VPC in eve-ng for mab_phone. It would at authenticate thru mab into the voice domain, and not acquire an ip address. So you can't verify with ping. I also used a VPC in eve-ng for the mab_ap. It would at authenticate thru mab and get into the vlan 102 and I could veify with ping, it wouldn't register to the wlc of course I put mab_phone and mab_pc on the same switch port, using a net in eve-ng. This way I had to use host-mode multi-auth. You can not have a mab and dot1x on the same port in eve-ng.
  12. asa-915-16-k8-CL-L for ASA ASA3# show ver | i Software Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 9.1(5)16 <system> ASA3# i86bi_linux_l2-ipbasek9-ms.high_iron_aug9_2017b.bin for SW2 SW2#show ver | i IOS Cisco IOS Software, Linux Software (I86BI_LINUXL2-IPBASEK9-M), Experimental Version 15.2(20170809:194209) [dstivers-aug9_2017-high_iron_cts 101] SW2#
  13. In eve-ng you need "authentication open", you don't need that on real equipment nor on the exam.
  14. Maybe you didn't use the NAS ip address in your ISE authorizations rules or not making separate mab/dot1x/anyconnect authentication rules? To get 0, it would need to be something across multiple tasks.
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