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  1. This is actually a quick win towards RHCA (Architect Level) because it counts as one out of the 5 required exams towards RHCA (Architect Level) and it is for small book with low price 180 USD for 1 hour exam. If anyone has what is requested in this topic, it will be highly appreciated. [Hidden Content]
  2. I know it is too late but answers for the benefit of others. >> the course is a "must-have", like vmware? No >> it's possible to schedule an exam in personvue centers? No, only Red Hat certified training partners and now there is an option for remote delivery (from home for example) but it is available for RHCSA on RHEL8 only
  3. @calale We appreciate your support to share DO280 for OpenShift 4.2, thanks If the book has watermarks, ensure to remove them first.
  4. Hello @calale If you have the student workbook of DO280, please share it. Thanks
  5. Appreciate if anyone saved the above URL content to PDF or something before it was removed to share it with us. Thanks
  6. @manofring I've found the below text that I may saved from this removed URL, could you please confirm if you remember the content if it is the same of this removed URL or not? Unfortunately, I did not focus on its content, so cannot remember it. [Hidden Content] Text.html
  7. Unfortunately, I did not save it to PDF, did anyone do so? If so, please share it. Thanks
  8. Great, thank you very much. Is there a similar link for EX310?
  9. How can I randomly generate variables in the XML files?
  10. Thanks hevey, how can I generate them? How can I open it in a browser with good format (not the native XML format)?
  11. Hello, Can anyone help of how we can resolve variables in these files? For the below example, how we can resolve the variables ${EP_CRONUSER} and ${EP_CRONTIME}? Sometimes the values of these variables are mandatory to be known. The user <code> ${EP_CRONUSER} </code> must configure a cron job that runs daily at <code> ${EP_CRONTIME} </code> local time and executes
  12. I think all of these courses are already free in normal situations. If you see something like RH124, RH134, CL110, DO407, CL210, CEPH125, then this will be a real offer.
  13. Thank you very much. Can we get CL210 for RHOSP 13 as well? Also, CEPH125 will be awesome.
  14. @RHELstudent, can we get the CL210-RHOSP-13.0?
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