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  1. I can confirm, and it is unencoded content using native camrec filetype
  2. the knowledge will never be outdated even if the course itself is
  3. jeges

    fireeye VA

    nobody will ever get any VMs, the MVX engine is highly proprietary stuff, it will never be available to download for any reason. The VMs technically exists inside FE Labs, you can get access them for temporarily time if you will attend on ILT-based training and/or in case of special purposes if you're partner of FE. so, forget it guys
  4. I don't think so, this is a last regular AFAIK
  5. fixed, first post updated, links below
  6. unfortunately openload wasn't able to implement his system correctly, download inactivity shouldn't problem if the files are being interested, but they didn't do it right, files have been deleted even if they weren't reported. so thats all btw I even don't have those original rars, therefore i asked members to create dumps to keep them alive, i didn't get any report that anyone could have done it.
  7. please share the currently latest low-end asa asa images for 5505&5510
  8. yes, just be careful with importing, follow the steps that were discussed in first post limited and unstable, not supported, forget virtualbox, it is good for children not for professionals
  9. I'd like to beeee ... wait, of course, I'd be myself
  10. just bcos it's christmas time again ... have fun, first post updated
  11. click your "My Profile" -> "Edit My Profile" -> Display Name
  12. did they reach the 0.8.x level already?
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