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    hello Guys i have been studying for my CCNP wireless but i just got a job to install and configure some LAPs for a company, so i asked them to buy the LAPs and the 4400 WLC that way we can carry on with the installations and other things, but these guys where complaining that the WLC was to expensive so they got this other guy and he told them that there is a way to get the LAPs to work without the controllers by using the Wireless control system(WCS) so i argued with him but he is very convinced that it works so i want to ask is it possible to use WCS to configure the LAPs without the WLC, b/c i know the AP communicate with the controllers using LWAPP but the WCS does not support that Protocol that is why i know you must use the controller before you can use WCS to configure the LAPs please help guys i look like a fool infront of the people even the other Guy has not been able to make it work without the controller but i want to know if there is a way or any other way to configure the LAPs without the controllers. thanks in advanced for your help. please does anyone have a copy of the WCS the latest version with licenses please share with me if you have i am grateful for all your help
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