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  1. any one been on the courses and got the 7.1x courseware materials. i got some other good hard to find citrix content i can share
  2. Does anyone have any of the below courses ? will share some good Citrix content [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. Thanks Rodriguzrodrigu
  4. Hi does anyone have the above official course material such as the handbook PDF ? i can share the CCA-V and CCP-V and Netscaler 11 CCA-N material if someone gives me it Thanks
  5. So i have download some MOCS for example MOC201410C but i am confused on how to set this up ? I have a bunch of rar and .exe files running the .exe's seems to extract .VHD's once i have done this i am guessing these VHD's need to be loaded into Hyper-V ? what configuration needs to be done on Hyper-V for example Networks ? Help i am confused !! i am guessing when everything is setup you use the companion to do the labs ? is there any course material ?
  6. bought it through amazon got it on the kindle app its a very good book
  7. anyone want to do a group buy ? i need this ebook but cant find it anywhere and there is no way i am spending £60 buying it !!
  8. bump if anyone has this pdf please share and i will share the Packt Troubleshooting Xendesktop book by Gurpinder singh
  9. anyone ? looked everywhere for this ebook
  10. does anyone have the following ebook ? Packtpub Troubleshooting Citrix XenDesktop® if so could you share it with me willing to share other Citrix/Appv training material
  11. does anyone have this ? willing to share other Citrix material
  12. I have up to Module 52 - Xenapp 6.5 Mobility pack but its now on Module 93 Secure Citrix X1 storefront does anyone have these videos Module 53-93 ? i will share other content or pay a small fee /msg me Thanks
  13. c4rm0

    Whats new in R2

    Anyone ? will swap for other videos
  14. does anyone have the complete CBTnuggets Whats new in R2 videos for the MCITP enterprise administrator course in 2008R2 ?? eg Whats new in R2 - Active directory Recycle bin and offline domain join Whats new in R2 - Group policy objects Whats new in R2 - Remote Desktop Services I have them all but they skip and are not good quality
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