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  1. Spoto and CD have valid dump, but they charge 300 USD. I'm sure somebody has, but nobody is willing to share
  2. Dear! I found those questions. They are dated 2020. Has anybody has success with these? Are they current and complete? [Hidden Content] Greets
  3. No luck yet. You had any success?
  4. uberkey


    I don't have C4C lab, but afaik they have 4. It is just two different topologies with two variations each. Or was there an update on Juniper side? Greets
  5. uberkey

    CCIE Database

    Not updated anymore, but cciehof.com
  6. Awesome, need to try this, thanks a ton! Greets
  7. Yes, it is a bit annoying, but on official website they also use VNC, so I guess for the moment this is the only way EVE-NG supports this image. Maybe telnet in a future release.
  8. Has been shared here recently: [Hidden Content]
  9. I guess you could do that. Don't think that the dumpsters have access to Cisco's certification database to verify it
  10. They watermark it and say they screw you if you share. That's it.
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