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  1. How much does the Spoto CCIE Collaboration Written 400-051 cost? The site does not give the price.
  2. Who is considered the most effective now? Looking at INE I see they are still using Mark Snow videos from 2015. The lab workbooks might still be useful though.
  3. "IP Phones should place national long distance national calls by dialing access code "9" followed by "1" followed by 3-digit area code and lastly 7-digits subscriber number. The first digit of subscriber could be any digit from 2 to 9, the remaining area code digits and the subscriber number digits could be 0 to 9" I used 91.[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXXX and failed. Breaking this down: Access code: 91 that gets stripped with predot Area code: first digit 2-9, second digit 0-9, third digit 0-9 Subscriber: first digit 2-9, second through sixth digit 0-9 Your example failed because the first number in your area code will only be 2-9 the question specifically states that the area code can be any digit 0 to 9. Only one number in the destination pattern will be 2-9, which is the first subscriber number Not sure if a typo, but you have 11 digits in your pattern too. Based on that your second example would work for this scenario: destination-pattern 91.XXX[2-9]XXXXXX Giving your area code 0-9 for all three digits.
  4. Anyone have a sharing for this? Any validation that the latest SPOTO is actually correct?
  5. I'd like to add that if you choose the long journey along with INE videos the now defunct IPExpert videos are useful as well. Personally I got tired of the direct approach from INE and enjoyed the trouble shooting type teaching in IPX videos. YMMV and TEHO. For L2 I use 4 real switches on loan. Purchased a PC/Server to run all of this exclusively for labs and study only. I create labs for my studies in GNS3, built out the labs from INE blueprint and use Web IOU on VM from someone who previously built out the Cisco 360, INE, IPX and their personal labs. The books recommended here are best as well.
  6. Sameer666~ Get to know your alias commands and use them each and every time. In Lab/Practice if you type out full command stop and go back to the beginning and type it again with shortened version. Once you have that down start using Notepad as the place for commands and drop them in the CLI to see your mistakes. Example: ping -> p show run int Fa1/0/6 -> sh run int f1/0/6 (you can even use s for the show command. Personal choice.) show run | beg router eigrp 1 -> sh run | b eigrp Things like wr mem is quicker than copy run start. There are times when cop run star won't work in globals even with a "do" command. Never had wr mem fail on me. Time and practice in typing is just as important as understanding the technologies. Take your time; pay your dues with the commands. Then learn all the Notepad shortcuts to add to that CL speed. I know you didn't ask in general, but I hope that helped you bit.
  7. The program is designed to give a minor revision per year for three years then update completely around year 5. Based on this format if all goes well R/Sv5 will become R/Sv5.1 probably after a smooth transition of SP v4.0 to v4.1 go live on 2017 June 21. Personally I think this is a good thing. Slowly removing outdated tech with newer.
  8. Thanks for the update Natoor. Spend a month or two on L2 and give it another round. You'll pass soon. To enable or disable right click into Putty go to Window || Selection || and highlight Compromise (Middle extends, Right pastes) || Back to Session || Highlight Default Settings || Save.
  9. Same here... If we could get a group buy on the bundle I'd be interested.
  10. Any information bad or good for CollabCert LMS and Workbooks? Not looking for a sales pitch just any feedback from someone who has used them in the past.
  11. Over at Voicetut guys are saying this thing is a beast. Exhibits with long winded questions that end in multiple choice 3 questions per exhibit. Also Cisco is taking Testking to court for a protection order. The pdf is linked in one persons post. According to what I've read the test has changed at the end of Sept or first week of Oct. 2015.
  12. Boysnake is asking the correct questions. It is hard to fix the issue without more details, such as what type of gateway you are using, PSTN Connection from gateway (SIP, PRI, FX?) and what a simple debug will show you. Try debuging the call with: debug isdn q931 Look for what is being passed over to the PSTN. 4 digits only? Plan:Unknown, Type:Unknown? all of this information plus more is vital in trouble shooting the issue at hand. Here is a good document from Cisco that may help as well: [Hidden Content] Once you pass this information along it will be much easier to narrow down your issue. If you haven't already figured it out.
  13. R&S and Voice are two different worlds. Some try to argue that it's not, but honestly after you configure your Uplinks and Switchports for Voice access the game changes and you focus on Call Manger itself and the software connected to it. In R&S there are labs in every step of the way that you can work with and increase your knowledge with. You can get all you need from GNS3, but in Voice you work primarily with Call Manager which is an operating system ran from the Linux Kernel. You can do some very basic Voice Labs with Packet Tracer or GNS3 and set up an old version of Call Manager Express. Most of what you work with in Voice will require copies of Call Manager, Unity, IM and Presence, CM Express, IP Communicator, Jabber, VM Ware, Windows XP for soft phones and Windows Server (For Active Directory). These can be tricky to get a hold of. Not just get a hold of, but install as well. INE, IP Experts and other testing materials have some great labs to work with, but they are CCIE geared. If you have a lab from R&S and your switches are PoE you can convert that to a Voice Lab and Ebay some phones. It's not easy and takes a bit of time an patience. I don't know what you currently work with, but you may need some different type of routers to configure PSTN access. As far as Labs for your certification testing? There are no lab configurations in Voice CCNA or CCNP you answer multiple choice questions and do some drag and drops for all 6 tests. In R&S NA-NP you configure routers and switches, look at commands and configurations within the Hardware and configure code as necessary. In Voice you will look at command line via a question and find what is incorrect and choose from a list of options as what should be added or changed, kind of like R&S TSHOOT. I'm not sure if I answered your question correctly, but I hope this gave you a bit of insight of what it is you are trying to accomplish. Good Luck in your quest to know Cisco Voice !!!
  14. Not sure what your preparation has been, but from what I've been reading around the internet. Cisco changed and/or added exams questions around the second week of December of this year (2013) for the Voice Path.
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