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  1. what player are you using? using VLC (VideoLan) on Linux doesn't play all of it and some others with the same. which one are you using? I fired off my Windows VM and tried with VLC, it fails... I downloaded Potplayer 1.6 and I only get blankscreen? Looks like its missing the video codec somehow, I can hear the audio and seek past 15:00 mark though. Kinda curious why VLC wont play it well. ---- On another PC running Windows 7 (not a virtual machine this time) Installed PotPlayer 1.6.51480 - x64 Edition [Hidden Content] and it now plays successfully. This is funny because VLC will not play it, and also tried to play it with Mplayer Lite and nada... only PotPlayer seems to handle it weird.
  2. This is true, Video 41 (the last one on ICDN2 folder) cuts around 15:00 minute mark... anyone can re-up that one please?
  3. Hi is this applicable for the latest ICND2 test that was refreshed late 2014? Thanks for the share.
  4. Hi guys My CCENT certification will expire at the end of this year, so I am now looking to move into CCNA territory by taking the ICND2 exam. However, it looks like Cisco has updated the exam to include new topics (mostly IPv6 stuff). 3 years ago when I prepared for ICND1 I didn't study anything about IPv6, but passed the test thanks to video learning and some labs posted here. Are there any new Videos or content updated for the new ICND2 test? Also, any idea if my CCENT expires in December 2015, will passing ICND2 give me until December 2018 or extend it from 3 years from my passing of the exam? (lets assume I pass in April 2015) Thanks!
  5. Found an uploaded.net link that works. You have to reply to see below. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. "This file is available for Premium Users only." can anyone reup please? :-/
  7. Found this 6GB torrent on thepiratebay too, for those looking for mirrors
  8. Hi guys I wanted to get ready on the Simulator exercises on the CCENT - I've got Packet Tracer any good sources to download almost ready labs or guides with exam-like questions? GNS3 seems complicated. Thanks.
  9. Re upload would be greatly appreciated. All links are dead.
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