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  1. Can @Symblewix make a comment pls about this share, I'm certain he wants to share this study with us reason he voluntarily start the share. Is someone trying to intimidate him, is he being harassed or something that led to his silence all this while? We would like to know what's going on brother, just maybe we can help and trust me we would understand your point.
  2. You can use sugarsync. It comes with free 100GB storage for 30 days. Thank you for your share. You can PM me if you need help with this.
  3. The original link was taken down by the uploader not someone else to my understanding.
  4. @Symblewix google drive is your friend bro, use it for the upload. I'm not sure anyone was able to download the full stuff before you remove the link.
  5. Is this what you looking for? [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Would be very great if you can share this
  7. This is not the complete version. Can anyone post the complete version pls. Thank you.
  8. I think it will be great if all the questions are together in one file i.e. the 36 questions + the latest one. Can you pls post the complete version Many thanks
  9. I think studying the whole file would be safer
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