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  1. Please if someone has this
  2. Please can you share a working link?
  3. Looking for this as well as all links are dead
  4. Alme

    CISSP study group

    Can you add me to the group as well? I too plan to take the exam in the coming months.
  5. Hello, This is the best collection of resources you can find for achieving ISO 27001 certificate. [Hidden Content] Anyone can share? I know it will make a lot of people happy since it's in high demand.
  6. Hello, I am also looking for this one. Any luck?
  7. Hello, Anyone ha the following: [Hidden Content]
  8. Anyone has the 2018 version of this training? The 2015 is outdated and doesnt reflect well with the latest changes.
  9. Thank you for your answer but it doesnt solve my initial question that the topic says 2017 however the content in the torrent are from 2016. Im sure pentesterlabs materials are very useful but this threat is about sec542 and not pentesterlab
  10. I have already downloaded the torrent but the content in the torrent is not from 2017 but is from 2016 and the VM and content from 2016 are different compare to those from 2017
  11. Can someone please upload the ISO from SEC542 from year 2017?
  12. Please can someone reupload the ISO and books from version 2017? All links in the forum are dead. Thanks
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