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  1. Link shared is broken now. Can anyone kindly re-share ?
  2. Thanks for the great share man ! Can you also share the capstone videos as well , please ? Stay safe..Happy learning !
  3. password is mi0 0 after mi in above is zero. not capital o.
  4. Hi Cisco Chan..any chance you can upload the rar file of part 9 instead of the video into mega ? basically the un-corrupted version of this one: The_Beginner_Malware_Analysis_Course.part09
  5. The part 9 gives error when extracting the videos. Can please re-up the part 9 in mega ?
  6. Hi All, if anyone has got any good courses on Deep Web or Dark web...please do share.. i am trying to download the 7GB course from Udemy but it has very less seeds.
  7. Cannot download. Getting below error. (No popup blockers in my chrome) Adblock Detected! Please mirror to other website or torrent please ?
  8. Thanks so much for this ! Also have the other two courses which Nick talks of, in the very first video of this course ?
  9. File isnt found anymore on the server. Kindly re-up. Stay safe, take care !
  10. 16thanks mtchytt for the 92Q dumps ! Great share ! passed with 83% from singapore today.
  11. Great job Vishnu ! I see You work in Cisco and still You find time to create such videos and help others to gain from it....truly salute to You man ! Keep up the great work...
  12. How come the new dumps of 348 are so hard to come buy ? Anyone have them yet ?
  13. anyone having or can point to New JNCIS-ENT exam dumps ? JN0-348 ?
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