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  1. Links are still working @
  2. Thread (topic) needs to be created in the Training offers & requests section, then you can choose b/w [Offer] & [Req] prefixes. Thank you.
  3. There you go, [hide][Hidden Content]] Mirrors: [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. There you go mate, [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Just wanted to update y'all, I've upgraded the server, forum's loading speed and performance should be better now.
  6. Post counts increment when posting in technical section. Please see this thread for more info, Thank you.
  7. You need to have 5 posts to send PM.
  8. True, there were forums and sub-forums for PMP & ITIL, but most of them were empty, so I merged them. Now ITIL and PMP sections can be found under, OTHER TECHNICAL SECTION |_ITIL |_PMP I will look into it. That is my plan as well, but it will take some time to implement it. Thank you.
  9. This issue has been fixed, could you please test it @tmtsukata & @DarXide10 Thank you very much.
  10. Study guide [hide][Hidden Content]] Official Practice Tests [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. This is the reason I'm leaning more towards option 1, Cisco |_Entry |_Associate |_Professional |_Expert |_Architect @gokulpoomari & @Bishop what are you thoughts on this matter? Thank you.
  12. @JamesTr from the top menu Activity > Unread content will show you new content since your last visit, You can customize the feed as per your liking, 1 day - 1 year (time period).
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