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  1. Click on reveal hidden content , i just downloading it 471 mb
  2. OSCP PDF only [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Ok there a folder called "Answers" which have protected PDF files ..so we nee this password .
  4. SANS Sec660 2018 ( PDF , Video , VM) MEGA..import then download [Hidden Content]
  5. Anyone know the password for the VM-windows7 ..user is Student
  6. Burp Suite Mastery training course. 100% OFF Offer extended for next 72 : https: Use coupon code: DIWALIGIFT at checkout) to get 100% OFF. Valid for next 72 hours. So 2mro is the last day [Hidden Content]
  7. I think am late ....All the folders are empty
  8. Hi All there was a topic regarding this course Hands on Exploit Development Advanced but it seems removed any one can share it again please
  9. USE link generator for premium account [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Hi All , any one can re-upload this course again ....Thanks n advance
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