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  1. It looks like all the links are dead. Is there any chance someone could reupload or put up a torrent please? Thanks
  2. Programming skills can help alot in Sys Admin based roles. I use it a lot to create Excel Macro's, SQL queries and commands, batch and vbs scripts, powershell commands, parsing log files etc. It really comes down to whether your passinate or not about it.
  3. Yeah if anyone has any Citrix voucher's that would be great.
  4. Computer monitors will be very hard to drive at the 30inch mark due to needing DVI-D for each monitor. A better bet may be to look at getting some cheap Chinese LCD TV's for like $300-$400 a piece if there going to be mounted on a wall.
  5. If its possible to upgrade to 8GB of RAM I would do that for sure. Plus an SSD will generally make Windows more responsive overall and all your applications load faster. Once you have SSD's you can't go back.
  6. Hi hery aka sagit, I never knew there was Fiber Optic Certifications out on the market, that didn't involve an data cabling background.
  7. rrrr, walk the plank.
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