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  1. Does anyone have SANS 526 Memory Forensics? PDF or videos would be great. There are PDFs here but they're from 2015 and I'd like something from 2019 or newer if someone has it. A lot of new courses have been posted recently so I thought I'd ask.
  2. I think they are all password protected.
  3. You are my favorite member here now. Thanks!
  4. rawr1 can you post a list of things you can share? Do you have nd.io Bro Scripting?
  5. Are the questions on SANS exams like the GCIA more analysis questions where they show you evidence and you have to answer questions on what the data is showing you? For example, showing fragmented packets and you have to tell they're overlapping fragments, or normal fragmented traffic. How many questions do they show you output from a tool? Or are the questions more based on random facts you memorize like what are the TCP flags set to during the three-way handshake?
  6. Found it surfing huh? I know how you found it cause I think I found it the same way.
  7. Sure is! I don't have access to torrents for a while so I appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. Very nice. And in less than 3 hours!
  9. That's fine. It's only a matter of time and I got plenty of other good material to go through while I wait.
  10. Nice one! Can't use torrents right now but I'm sure someone will upload to mega. Thanks for sharing here
  11. No I've been wondering what counts as a post too. It doesn't make sense to me because posts, threads, or even shares don't always increase your post count.
  12. Oh my gawd. Well I guess I'm waiting for the videos now too.
  13. Damn so the 12.GB rar just contains an .iso with the VM?
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