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  1. Cisco Mobility Cert Guide?
  2. Finally someone ask for this. I've been looking this course too. I saw him on reddit. pretty decent when in comes to explain.
  3. Magnet link [Hidden Content] 8 Seeders 12 Leecher I'm downloading it right now.
  4. This is old. and you can find easily using google.
  5. I found v6, in a chinese forum, but couldn't post it because the vm-link is protected password and couldn't get the file what you want. But, if someone understand chinese, and really want the forum name, I could post it here.
  6. found one.. FMG_VM64-v5-build1082-FORTINET.out.ovf.zip [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Even it's a joke, it's still valuable to bypass HR. Some big security firm still put CEH on their hiring post. People oftentimes offer OSCP on top of that, but did you know, some random guys even invite their friends to do OSCP exam, paying other people to get the cert, because of what? you can do the exam whenever you are. It's OK for whatever cert you have, as long you can prove it.
  8. already have.. those ebook it's confusing for me.. the background make my eyes sore.
  9. Awesome -- opportunist they said, because they share for free, another CCIE joke of the year.
  10. you're not googling hard enough..
  11. It seems what the guy found is not the training video.
  12. is this book or what? I don't have that, but I have this : IT Governance : A Manager's Guide to Data Security and ISO27001/ISO27002 4th Edition.
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