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  1. but this solution to solve this environment.
  2. Hi, I'm planning to take soon. maybe we can exchange some tips send me a PM.
  3. Nops, you should influence go though R22 or R21. R1 won't ECMP this prefix
  4. But there's a route-reflection on BGP Group, so I think answer above is right.
  5. Did you remember which IP NAS called to R25? Another IP than configured on interface e0/0?
  6. You should use prepend on R40 and R51 to make sure R41 and R50 will be primary routable traffic.
  7. Maybe, you can find the answers on the output in the workbook, by the way I understand that Jamerson's and JACOBS's Sites should be able to communicate without go to DC, and every site import DC.
  8. You are wrong, never put dialer in VRF. R19#sh ip vrf Name Default RD Interfaces Corp 19:19 Lo0 Tu0 Et0/1 Tu1
  9. some question around MEF E-LAN, E-TREE etcc? What's kind of question ?
  10. You should use passive-interface and ospf prefix-suppress, because I route ospf should show only /32 routes, so you can advertisiment vl2001 on bgp.
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