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  1. If somebody shared the PDFs, that would be awesome, this sounds like a good course!
  2. Hi all, sorry to bother again. if anybody took a copy of this, would you please be able to re-upload it somewhere for everybody?
  3. nobody able to reupload this? It'd be much appreciated!
  4. Anybody can re-upload please? Thanks.
  5. Can anybody reupload audio files please, they are all gone!
  6. does anybody have the pdf for this?
  7. This forum used to have a Group Buy section, I think it does not have it any longer, so I'm afraid as group buys stopped, no new course will be coming
  8. Glavin... you say that this section cannot be used for exchange... but the relative section in the Forum has been closed? Does this mean that this forum cannot be used for exchange anymore?
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