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  1. Okay so this encourage me to wrtite another big Article which is kinda off topic but you can save this on notepad IF you find this informative. Which I highly doubt lol So What is Threat Intellingece and why people are going crazy about this . Threat Intelligence is another buzzword created by vendors like they did with APTs What Is APTs then ? APT are the bunch of people hired to hack you organization constantly for 24 hour untill they suceess . Okay now what is threat Intelligence then ? Well its all about knowing your adversaries consider this scenerio If you eat a fish and you die or get sick and next day you eat another fish and you don’t get sick and you go out and tell other people not to eat this colour .race fish because you might get sick . so people around you listen this and tell their family that this fish to be avoid . That’s what exactly Threat Intelligence is So in short you lurk around dark web,facebook,articles like krebs on security create IOCs and inject them into your SIEM And that’s what they teach you in SANS 578 how to create IOCs So we don’t have SANS 578 Course How to learn Threat Intellince then ? or how to be an expert at Threat Intelligence Actaully YOU CANNOT You are doing a job which your antivirus vendor is already doing , can you do better job than them ? This about this way you go in and watch a APT and create some IOCs to create an IOC you will read a APT report which I would come a little bit later . so you read a APT report and extract IOC from them at this rate you create10+ IOC in one day And your antivirus vendor at their company at least 200+ people are working on writing sigantures . CAN YOU BEAT THEM ? Hell no that’s why I don’t consider Individual Threat Intelligence Skills not that much worthy , but they are worthy but not as much they people think that a analyst or expert Analyst can save them from being hacked That’s the theory part lets come to bread and butter of Practical world Reccomended Readings If you look at blueprint of 578 in SANS 578 they teach you how to create IOCs from scartch. 2- How to create IOCs from APT reports 3-Using Virus Total Threat Intelligence to create IOCs First one can be found using the SANS 508 Course Another one can be found using APT reports itself like read the paper and create your Signature using the information you asses yourself (this comes with over time) Third one can be found in Pluralsight Threat Intelligence course Courses To study (MUST) Pluralsight Threat Intelligence (Must READ) SANS 508 Course (Highly Recommend using Printed Books ) SANS 599 (print those books using some cheap printer shop) In SANS 599 you will know about APT terms , YARA , Cuckoo SANSBOX to create IOCs Using Redline , Volatility you can match IOCs or using cisco Firepower they have option to inject Feeds And here some very informative videos to watch .
  2. Hi Dreambuddy I have 0 experience of forensics in real world since I still not in Job BUT if you are serious about Forensics I suggest you to go this way spend some penny and get those books printed which would cost you around 2K INR (Cheapest at some print shop) SANS 500 books File System Forensics Incident Response book from Mendiant Guys Memory Forensics Books From SANS and the one with red cover Forensics Books from Herlen Carvey one is on forensics and another one is on Registry Forensics Watch the whole channel of 13Cubed on youtube if you are dedicated you will be succeed within 1 month or 2 depending upon your reading time when you are done with these follow the labs within books you are a really good at forensics some forensics blogs to read are below thisweekin4n6 ForensicsFocus Cyberforensicater and ofcourse SANS Blog PS I sent an PM please reply Peace
  3. Thanks Popy Sir so far I got many Ciscopress Books printed and I am astonished by them that so much information we expect from videos is scatters in some paper pages LOL I now dont look for Videos anymore I just build the foundation from videos and then read books PS do you have safarionline Subcription ?
  4. In India it cost 7000 INR I want to print this book but Epub converted version is 1700 pages orignal file has 800 page can someone share this ?
  5. First of all you have mixed four job roles into one lol moving on answer it's like if your friend is getting 22k since the cost of living is way too much ,think like this if he is single and sharing to flat with friends may be 4000 for living 4000 for eating roughly and 2000 for travel not including party cost and 2k for extra stuff like getting sick mobile , internet if he is still saving 10k which is 190000 INR X into 3 year it become 684000 still cool in terms of money but you loose indian friends our culture , and of course rishtedaro ke shadi ke maze it's all up to you but still j would say they won't pay 22k to an Indian and for same job they will pay 40k to a british
  6. Yes it depend on your passport this is true , are you Indian ?
  7. I request if anyone of you have 555 , 599 mp3 or SANS 508 ON DEMAND PLEASE SHARE
  8. I will try to share some stuff for threat Intel
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