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  1. justkiddin

    Cisco 500-490

    Hello chai, Will you be able to share the material? Were the questions similar
  2. justkiddin

    Cisco 500-490

    No, Not Yet. I am still not able to find any books or Material to study from.
  3. Has anyone given 500-490 exam? If yes what study material did you use to prepare for the exam.
  4. A network engineer is following the Cisco enterprise architecture model. To which network layer would a branch office connect to using a private WAN? A-Entetprise campus B-Enterprise Edge C-SP Edge premise D-Remote module Why is the answer D,,Should it not be C; The branch office will connect to SP edge using WAN, am I missing something here
  5. Please share if you have the dumps
  6. Hi, can anyone confirm if the PL326 dumbs are still valid
  7. Am i missing something coz the below link states that DMVPN does not support non ip traffic. [Hidden Content]
  8. What location are security policies enforced in ACI A. leaf B. spine C. core D. distribution The Answer i think should be Leaf
  9. A company has 30 sites and wants allow dynamic igp protocol, multicast, and non ip traffic between sites. Which topology should the company implement? A. dmvpn spoke-to-spoke B. dmvpn hub-to-spoke C. vti D. p2p gre The Answer should be p2p Gre as other do not support non ip traffic, neither DMVPN nor Vti.
  10. In Hsrp when we miss three hellos by default the other router preemts to make itself active...there is a hold time,it is a jitter time to avoid a case where the other router tries to preemt and it recieves a hello from the active router...so in our case if the question says that if we do not recieve 5 hello packets the standby router should take the role of active router in one sec...so by default the hello is sent every 3 secs hence the 3 16 is correct...u can try that in GNS3 and by enabling debugging u can check the same. Hope this helps in clearing the Doubt.
  11. yes brother i agree with you...it might be possible that new lab and new TS has started but without info we cannot do anything on it and we should also not clarify people...its up to the individual what to believe and what not to believe...we cannot force someone to believe at the same time the others cannot say somebody liars without proof....what i want to add is we can discuss on this topic if the thread holder had added some info but he didnt and we are trying to convince one another on what basis!!!
  12. I don't understand the point of discussing these things when the thread holder himself has said that he will not share anything...whether there is a new lab or New TS we will come to know as things unravel...we need to focus on things which are in our hand...just like the other person cannot deny the fact that the new Ts or Lab is coming..u my dear friend cannot comment whether new Lab will be coming...sure the time has come for new Lab coz the K7 is already passable and no body is getting K2 K4 these days..but we cannot debate such things...the only thing we can do is go to the LAB and experience.
  13. justkiddin

    K8 live now

    Like in Hollywood movies the Aliens attack the American continent first....cisco attacks with the new Lab and TS in India first.
  14. justkiddin

    K8 live now

    May be you are correct and May be wrong..I cant judge that,But what i want to suggest is if you have any info and want to share it with others,u need to prepare the files first and then post something rather than posting that someone got this and that and i will post the things tomorrow,if you have to post things tomorrow then its better to create a thread tomorrow only.
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