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  1. Just followed this, had a reply in minutes. All done and dusted, not to build the lab any good recommendations ?
  2. Hi root0, I have been googling with no luck for the method to bypass licensing in CUCM 11.5, is there actually a method out there or am i wasting my time ? is there is and you feel like nudging me in the right direction that would be fantastic. Thanks
  3. Hi There, Could someone please share: cmterm-7975-sip.9-4-2SR4.k3.cop.sgn cmterm-7975-sip.9-4-2SR4.zip cmterm-7975-sccp.9-4-2SR4.k3.cop.sgn cmterm-7975-sccp.9-4-2SR4.zip cmterm-9971.9-4-2SR4-1.k3.cop.sgn cmterm-9971.9-4-2SR4-1_REL.zip would be very much appreciated thanks in advance
  4. Hi root0, Don't mean to be a pain, could you share: AIR-CT2500-K9-8-5-151-0.aes some other way as magnets just don't seem to work for me. thanks All good thanks, i got it working with 5500
  5. Hi There, Can someone plz share the vSRX files for ESXi , i tried at Juniper but i now have to wait for them to see if i can be approved to get eval, lol Thanks
  6. could you share this or the 4shared link ProxySG student guide( you will able to find the guides on 4shared.com , i read the admin and professional guide all of it) i tried all sorts of combination's but am unable to locate it? Thanks
  7. Hi There, Is anyone able to share the latest or close to, training books/course-ware or video training. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi There, Is anyone able to share: UCSInstall_CUP_8.6.4.13900-4.sgn.iso Thanks
  9. Hi There, Is anyone able to share: ciscocm.version3-keys.cop.sgn Thanks
  10. Morning All, Would be able to share CUCM: UCSInstall_UCOS_UNRST_8.6.2.25900-8.sgn.iso Even better would be a bootable version. Thanks in advance
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