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  1. any newer pdf version available ?!
  2. anyone has the course PDF, please upload it. "newer version would be appreciated"
  3. Nice deal on Packt’s book: “Learn Penetration Testing” [Hidden Content] grab your copy now
  4. Hello community, I'm really looking for one of these courses videos, please share them FOR572: Advanced Network Forensics & Analysis SEC573 Python for Penetration Testers
  5. eLearnSecurity Malware Analysis Professional only PDF. Thanks to original uploader Get them before they deleted [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. sorry i don't know, but i guess you need to watch the courses online to get the exam voucher "like every other vendor out there :)"
  7. anyone could help, I'm looking for this course videos
  8. LinkedIn, my Friends and looking at google
  9. And another Certificate today Free Official (ISC)² CISSP® Review [Hidden Content]
  10. If someone have this training please share it "OSForensics Certified Examine Training Course" But this thread is only for free stuff OSForensics offer their Triage Exam - Online for free now on below link, i don't know the exam/material used to prepare for it thou. [Hidden Content]
  11. And another free Course & Certificate if you into Forensics you may want to try this tool and take their training, Autopsy is an amazing forensics tool that you can use it for Windows, Mac and Smartphone forensics. worth $500 Offer end next week. [Hidden Content]
  12. Redhat offer some free courses for limited time, check it now [Hidden Content] 30 Days of Free Access to DO101 – Introduction to OpenShift Applications worth $750 [Hidden Content] --- 7Core note ------------- # Hide Tag is ONLY for posting download links ------------------------------
  13. Oracle Free Online Learning and Certifications for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database Offer available until May 15, 2020. [Hidden Content] --- 7Core note ------------- # Hide Tag is ONLY for posting download links ------------------------------
  14. Get free access to ICSI Certified Network Security Specialist course worth £500 Offer is valid till 31/05/2020 Use coupon code #StaySafeHome during checkout. [Hidden Content] Use the coupon with "#" Happy Learning --- 7Core note ------------- # Hide Tag is ONLY for posting download links ------------------------------
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