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  1. here is a new link (not mine)... [Hidden Content]
  2. Question 14 was there in exam but asked to select two options. I selected URL and File (Don't know was correct or not). Question 13 answer is correct. You are right about SIMS. According to me answer to Q12 should be "aaa accounting ..." command. Regards,
  3. You are the one who provided all the questions. Give me some time, I will put all together in a file with answers and share here.
  4. > Go to Authorization Policy > Edit Authorization Policy for IT_Users > Select IT_Corp as result (Result will be last option after conditions) and done/save.
  5. I think you are talking about Q170 (Lab SIM), here you just need to create "identity source sequence", then modify existing Authorisation policy. You will not get LAB SIM if going for exam within few days.
  6. As mentioned "radius-server vsa send accounting" is to send vendor specific accounting info, in general "aaa accounting dot1x default start-stop group radius" will enable accounting.
  7. Passed the exam, scored little more than passing score. 275 Qs pool is not enough. Please go through all the questions mentioned by "Confessor" as well. Got one drag n drop, two SIMs and no lab. Drag and drop was same as mentioned in previous post. Best of luck.
  8. Mine is scheduled for today afternoon. Hope for the best. Will update.
  9. [Hidden Content] and check last few posts.
  10. Your answer for question 16 (D&D) is correct. Question 15 still is not clear. Regards,
  11. It is little tricky. Check the table given in below link for supported remediation actions (ISE 2.0) [Hidden Content] Question is not clear here so we have to assume. I am assuming that AntiVirus is not installed on the system. So to install the AntiVirus we have left with three options, URL, File Distribution and Launch Program. If Launch Program is there in given options we should select that. Otherwise we can select URL or File Distribution. If AntiVirus is not updated then we can go with"Antivirus Definition Update" option. I will be trying this (may be today) in lab, will let you know about the best option but again question is not clear. Regards,
  12. ISE and Source VLAN are correct options.
  13. Hi, Q:- Which 802.1x command is needed for dACL to be applied on a switch port? A. dot1x system-auth-control B. dot1x pae authenticator C. authentication port-control auto D. radius-server vsa send authentication E. aaa authorization network default group radius Answer: D Was confused about the answer of below question, got it now. Correct answer is "D". Ref: [Hidden Content] Regards,
  14. Here are my answers 12. Which command is used to send accounting logs to ISE ? > aaa accounting dot1x default start-stop group radius (Ref: [Hidden Content]) 13. Which OS has Anyconnect posture support ? > Windows and MAC OS (Ref: [Hidden Content] #reference_DABA1C4FF5CB45F4904B538BAB32749E) 14. Cisco ISE antivirus remediation policy options ? > URL (Ref: [Hidden Content]) When you select Centralized Web Auth in the ISE Authorization Profile, which two components host the web authentication portal? the WLC the switch ISE ??? ??? > When selecting CWA, we do use ISE hosted portals. Why we need to select two components? In case of local web authentication WLC or Switch can host authentication portals. May be we need more details. Regards,
  15. Windows and MAC both have posture support. I configured it with ISE 2.0. Thanks to you and your friend. Regards,
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