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  1. Hi Guys I dont have windows 10 to have A+ VCE, if someone has PDF format would be great, Hi David75, i have sent a PM, if you have pls send me them Thanks
  2. Thanks for the slides mate, really useful.. but if you happen to have subtitles please share.. Thanks a million.
  3. requesting this again after a year!! Please could anyone upload the subtitles? Thanks
  4. Thanks Outcast.. Is it possible to get subtitles for this video please? Thanks a milion.
  5. Hi Plese share if anyone got subtitles for INE materials? ie, Implementing Cisco ASA Firewalls Thanks a million..
  6. Anyone have subtitles for INE courses? please upload.. Thanks
  7. can some please put all these into mega or myairbridge or decent torrent Thanks
  8. Hi Buddee, pls let us know about the 207 exam.. I am schedel for next week. Need the updated ones asap. Thanks
  9. c1mad


    yeah set 1 is down too early.. I saw 1-45 files, but then down...
  10. c1mad


    Firray you have uploaded 1-45 files right?
  11. c1mad


    Okay, for set 1 - how many files you will be uploading?
  12. c1mad


    Hi Firray, can you set 2 pls? Thanks
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