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    @ CCIEx2tobe You mean to say for NTP packet UDP header will carry 123 on both source & destination port ? I think no it wont.....
  2. Hi Everyone, Can someone share the IPexpert volume 2 datacenter mocklab workbook. i have the one sanjanna shared it has old 2 labs, i guess the new one has 5 labs in the mock one. Help appreciated Cheers
  3. Hey Guys, can some one share the IPexpert videos, it would be of great help
  4. guys new lab site had been added Bejing..... i got my lab booked in beijing in June....
  5. Congratulations Paulw1401..... its time for a break.... Hope you can share your experience alone. may be ur suggestion how could i prepare & be effective preparation. which vendor you used for the labbing.
  6. Guys come on first prepare for the Lab and then think whether it would be same or not.
  7. Good Luck AlexW.... we know you can break the exam dont worry, just practice.... practice..... practice.....
  8. Friends, Does some one got the slides for INE CCIE DC Written bootcamp. I wish to have the slides for reference.... Help appreciated
  9. Hey friend i am on it preparing for the written may be i will take written exam by feb first week. Please do count me on for the group
  10. Sanjanna Please help us i dont know why u r quite.... Hope u r busy and back from vacation
  11. Sanjana, Hope you are enjoying your vacation, do help us how u prepared for the LAB, especially the books/videos you used. I am just started preparing.
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