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  1. I am also facing the same problem of file corruption.
  2. Downloading was a painful process. I want others not to go through the same hence uploaded it on mega.[Hidden Content]
  3. The rapidgator links are working but can someone please uplaod them to mega. I do not have a subscription to rapidgator
  4. Thanks for the help, but as I was testing the solution, the functionality broke as soon as I separated the iTR and eTR roles. I would be grateful if you have some sample configuration example for it.
  5. I am pretty new to LISP. So I am sorry if that is a silly question, but what I understand is that they have allowed the components to be separated from each other for scalability. The reason I am saying this is because as I was reading through a Cisco Document it said: "A device configured as an ETR should also be configured as an Ingress Tunnel Router (ITR). However, the LISP architecture does not require this and ETR and ITR functionality can occur in different devices." Reference Page:[Hidden Content] In the note section it is mentioned
  6. Hello All, I am having an issue regarding the implementation for LISP ITR and ETR, I went through the entire configuration guide for LISP but could not find a scenario where they have implemented separate devices one being ITR and other being ETR. Can anyone please help me with regards to how the config and working is for the implementation of LISP in case if you have separate ITR and ETR.
  7. e786836

    LISP ALT Device

    Hello All, I am new to LISP, I was learning about the ALT device and one of the things I understood was that it is used to have the connection between the MS/MR & other ALT devices for scalability but then when I was looking at the config guides I did not understand why the VRF is getting used inside of tunnel? As a reference you can have a look at these two links: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] I have also discovered that when I separate the ETR and the ITR roles my LISP stops working.
  8. e786836

    BGP Multicast AF

    Hello all experts, I had a question regarding the BGP address-family for multicast, with multicast as far as I know there are different BGP address families that are present like address-family MDT, Mulitcast and MVPN. Now my question is that when would you be using which address-family and how to decide that?
  9. I wonder where is the Additional Reading document/labs specified in this book are shared? (The mention is on 3rd page under the section Reference material) Can anyone please help me finding those?
  10. Congrats for the pass. Did you encounter some new questions?
  11. Hello All, I am searching for the Cisco Prime Provisioning software for download is there any place where I can get it for a trial basis, also what is the difference between Cisco Prime Provisioning and Cisco Prime Infrastructure The main feature that I want to test is the MPLE TE automation.
  12. Hi Guys, Are there any good video resources where I can understand the messages for RSVP from a MPLS TE perspective. If yes, please do let me know.
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