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  1. Can anyone share the running configuration of R17 and any spoke with VRF? I tried but found that spoke routers have network LSA from R17 in ospf database but not in ip route VRF. Need to know where I went wrong R17 : interfaces L0, LAN, and tunnel 0 are in VRF R20 : interfaces Dialer 0, eth 0/0 (Connecting to service provider) are in VRF
  2. If R20,21,and 17 interfaces (Assuming int L0, dial0, eth 0/0 and t0) are in vrf. how will these routes be advertised in OSPF global table in R17. Please can anyone share the t0 configuration of spoke and hub along with ospf configuration on R17 and R19,20 and 21.
  3. Please can someone share the pdf for VRF version of new lab configuration (Jamesons-Jacob)
  4. Hi All, I am preparing for CCIE (R&S), with the plan of attempting it in Jan/Feb 2017. Just completed review of theory with some hand on training in GNS3 sim. I saw a couple of post informing that troubleshooting/config section has been changed or revised. Can someone share the old and new troubleshooting/diag/configuration questions? Thanks
  5. Hi CCIE Aspirants, Today I passed my CCIE written. This forum has helped me to clarify doubts, brainstorm and of course dump collection. I am sharing the questions which i got The following questions were asked from PL 937 and 22Q D & D : Q31: Ping service, Q32: CEF Load Balancing, Q350: IPV6 Unicast, Q450: COPP, Q640: BGP, Q650: Spanning-tree, Q246: IS-IS PL 937 : Questions No : 840 - 902 most of questions are from here, so revise thoroughly 22Q : Questions No: 4,7,9,10,15,16,17,20, and 22 New Questions : One related to Netflow and ipv6 PE operations (Skipped both) Now moving toward lab section training. Thanks for all help.
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