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  1. Thanks for the feedback
  2. Thanks for sharing, it's valid dump? you passed it with this? Regards
  3. undergl

    700-765 Dump

    Can anyone share feedback and dump?
  4. Hi, it's in software folder... Regards
  5. Reserved for future use
  6. Hi, I open gdrive again to everyone with a collection of EVE-NG images. Shared folder: [hide][Hidden Content]] Images: Please share: Feedback about working images to get folder clean and usefull. New images, labs or other things that can help others. I will upload to the drive. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I open a new thread Gdrive is open to everyone again but please share images, labs and extra info for EVE-NG and I will upload to drive. Thanks
  8. undergl

    700-765 Dump

    Hi, please share again valid dump @itolab @samirbf is enought to pass 82q?
  9. Anyone pass the exam recently with 82q dump?
  10. @zaman please send me the dump and the voucher
  11. undergl

    700-765 Dump

    Hi, any new info about valid dump?
  12. What is the best book for preparation... Sybex 8th ed? Any study group to follow?
  13. Hi, you need to wait for machine totally boot up. The GUI appears but credentials fails
  14. Can anyone share in Gdrive or torrent link?
  15. It's this the valid dump: [Hidden Content] Can you re share if not? Thanks
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