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  1. Have you guys noticed that the original serial number we put on the license in 2.0 changes after the upgrade to 2.4 ? I can still see the licenses though but not sure they are really valid as they were created with a different serial number originally.
  2. Guys, Stupid question .. How did you manage to get the licence requirement fulfilled with ASA and ASAv ?
  3. Thanks Kamui !! I didn't lose any other licenses. It's just that 2.4 on a VM requires new VM licenses.. And as for the functionality, it's not an issue at all .
  4. First and foremost, thanks to everyone for this share !! I installed 2.0 and managed to upgrade to 2.4 . But it looks like in 2.4 , we need the VM licenses to be applied. Anyone seen this and successfully created the VM licence files ?
  5. Hi, Thanks for the nice work !! Looks like there should be a part 28 .. Can you please upload if you have it ? Many Thanks
  6. Try this .. MediaFire [hide][Hidden Content]] Dropbox [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Does the IOU loads properly on the VMware ? Once it's loaded , you should be getting the menu where you can load the config / unload the pod, etc ... ..Have you reached that far ? As of me, I haven't changed any of my physical IP Addresses and using the NAT mode ..(I beleive you are using the bridge mode ) ..and it connects fine
  8. Just the basic IP addressing config which can be loaded once the IOU starts .. Select the INE sub menu and load the config ..
  9. Please find below as I am not able to attach directly. Please note that I have loaded the INE config. [Hidden Content]
  10. Guys , It's not very difficult to run this .. all the difficult parts are already taken care of by asasel. All you have to do it create a new virtual machine in VMWare and select the .iso file as the installer image. You can select Linux as you operating system and Other Linux 2.4.x kernel. Allocate memory and so on and there you go.. Once the vm is created , just start it. I hope I am correct here but please feel free to correct me..
  11. Just forget it ..had a problem in loading and now it works !!!
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