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  1. Hi There, I'm currently working on a practical task, which involves ACLs. The scenario is that of: Scenario 'There will be a web server located at the London depot that all depots must be able to access. Other depots should not be able to access each other’s networks as all transfers should be handled using the web server at the London depot.' Task Implement security onto the network to meet the security requirements of the business in the given scenario. You must use appropriate ACLs on the routers in this network to set up security appropriately. Router configs and topology are attached. Having difficulty with the at the moment, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hey, sorry. First issue was that i had my wireless connected. as for the end devices, turns out i just needed to deactivate my firewall lol. Oops!
  3. Ok guys, i've partly figured it out. Basically i still had my wireless router switched on. Once i i turned it off i could ping interfaces on both RouterA and RouterB from both computers. Still unable to ping both end devices tho? Any ideas with that? Thanks
  4. I can ping all interfaces via the console cable, but not on cmd prompt via ethernet.
  5. Hey, here are the sh commands on Routers! RouterA.txt RouterB.txt
  6. Hi There, I appear to be having problems with my CCNA lab when attempting to ping the serial interface on the router, thus not been able to connect to another router/network. When pinging ethernet interfaces, all works well. For those of you who've seen my previous posts, the setup/topology is the same. (See attachment) Any ideas as to what the problem/s may be? Thanks in advance, Rich
  7. Nothing there which relates to the problem as far as i can see!
  8. No idea, on the face of it, it appeared to only go in one way. Then i google my error messages etc, encountered a forum with someone who had a similar problem and someone suggested to turn cables around, and ping! lol they appear identical both sides, but sorted now anyway!
  9. Guys, i've had the serial cable inserted upside down at both ends. All is working! bit of a blonde moment there lol. I appreciate all the feedback and advice i have recieved on here. Really has helped me learn other troubleshooting techniques and issues. Thanks all, Rich
  10. Thanks for your help. Still no soloution. Bought another Cisco 2600 Router, to replace what i thought was not working correctly, however i'm still getting the same problem. Could it be my serial cables? The problem is when trying to connect RouterA (DCE) to Router B (DTE) with a Serial cable. Both routers display int s0/0 as down down. Attached is the Network Topology and .txt files displaying show commands on both routers! Regards, Rich RouterA_ShCommands.txt RouterB_ShCommands.txt
  11. Hi all, Recently purchased three Cisco Routers and 2 Switches as part of a CCNA Lab of ebay. As it turns out, one of my routers appears to have a faulty Serial interface as noted in a previous topic. Now i've looked into the third, and it appears to boot up in a language / set of characters that i don't understand. Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance Rich Router3_Boot.txt
  12. How do i replace ios? quite new to this?
  13. No problem! thanks for your patience guys, atleast we no what the fault is! Appreciate it!
  14. Inserted card back into slot 0/1, on routerB, ran show ip int brief. Displays serial 0/0
  15. Right, removed serial card from slot, rebooted and it says that there is only an ethernet interface
  16. RouterB won't recognise serial 0/1, still displays 0/0
  17. Hey, There are no green lights on the card, Router A (DCE) displays that there is a cable attached and it's clock rate, where as Router B does not. I have just put different WIC 1T cards in each of the routers, yet the problem is still occuring. Attached are the show diag results. All appears to be present. RouterA_ShowDiag.txt RouterB_ShowDiag.txt
  18. It shows no cable attached :S RouterA_Revised.txt RouterB_Revised.txt
  19. Hi there, attached are the show controllers serial 0/0 on both routers! RouterA.txt RouterB.txt
  20. Hey, attached is a picture of serial cable, and the rear of my setup!
  21. Well, ateast the problem has been identified somewhat, and that it is a hardware issue of some sort? Would you guys recommend purchasing new WIC 1T cars?
  22. I've tried 4 different cables. No green lights have ever shown up on the Serial card. I'm beginning to wonder if it is infact the interface card. Can't think of anything else at the moment?
  23. Still no luck i'm afraid. I appreciate the help!
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