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  1. HI, How to get the image for EVE-NG from iso file. Can u please share the procedure
  2. Hi , Can someone guide me how to extract qcow2 images from ISO in EVE-NG
  3. can someone share CCIE SERVICE PROVIDER V4.1 EXAM REVIEW
  4. csr1000v-universalk9.16.07.01-serial.qcow2 sub-interface ping is not working in eve-ng. Physical interface ping is working. Do you have any idea?
  5. Issue is only with Everest and Denali. Sub-interface works fine with 3.17S. Can some share the VIRL Everest and Denali images.
  6. sub-interface is not working in eve-ng with Version 16.6.2. Which is the best image for practicing CSR1000v with sub-interface.
  7. Really appreciate if someone can share this videos
  8. a1r2u3n4

    SecureCRT 8

    Initially patch was not working for me. I restarted my PC and tried again and it worked.
  9. Hi , Thanks for the share. I am preparing for my CCIE SP now. I am planning to complete INE workbook including configuration and tshoot labs using a laptop instead of workstation. Could you please advice me the CPU and RAM requirement if I need to run CSR1000v's and XRv's in EVE. Currently I have i7 (2.4GHZ) and 16GB RAM. I can run only 3-4 CSR1000v and 1-2XRv now.
  10. Thanks a lot for the share. Could you please share the remaining topics
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