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  2. I downloaded "IPSpace Courses" Advanced MPLS Topics Building Large IPv6 Networks Case studies Choose the optimal VPN service Data Center Fabric Architectures Data Center Interconnects Designing a Private Cloud Infrastructure Designing Scalable Web Applications DMVPN Designs DMVPN New Features Docker Networking Fundamentals Docker Security Enterasys Robust DCI Solutions Enterprise MPLS VPN Deployment Ethernet Encryption EVPN Technical Deep Dive Introduction To Docker Introduction to Virtualized Networking IPv6 High Availability Strategies IPv6 Security IPv6 Transition Mechanisms Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Architectures Monitoring Software Defined Networks MPLS Talks Network Visibility With Flow Data Networking in Private and Public Clouds OpenFlow Deep Dive Overlay Virtual Networking PCI DSS for Engineers ProgrammableFlow Technical Deep Dive Real Life OpenFlow-based SDN Use Cases Scaling Overlay Virtual Networks SDN Architectures and Deployment Considerations SDN Center Workshop SDN Workshop SDN, NFV and OpenFlow for Skeptics SDN, OpenFlow, NFV and Overlay Networks Service Provider IPv6 Introduction TCP, HTTP and SPDY Virtual Firewalls VMware Networking Deep Dive VXLAN Technical Deep Dive If you need them, check my link [hide][Hidden Content]]
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  4. please seed it then I will upload them to Gdrive
  5. Check my link [hide][Hidden Content]] - List of IT Training Courses : [Hidden Content]
  6. Hi Morais, Unfortunately, I checked them and they all died
  7. Hi tasnimkido, Please check my list : [Hidden Content]
  8. Hi Srothman, Check my link [hide][Hidden Content]] - List of IT Training Courses : [Hidden Content]
  9. When I have the time I will download the ebooks, IT VIdeos to learn and share it with everyone, what do I spend when you think it's free? I bought 2 gdrive, 2 premium accounts, electricity, internet money, hosting, domain, my time and what do I get? 2-5 $ for 2 months, do you think it's enough? If it is a free gdrive (15GB), do you think I have enough space to save multiple courses? You ridicule me but it doesn't matter, life is always like that.
  10. New CCNA R&S 2019 (200-125) By Hexa CCIE Khawar Butt English | Size: 21.36 GB Category: Cisco | E-learning | Networking Jumpstart your career in IT and networking by understanding the fundamentals of Networking. This course will get you started in the exciting and lucrative field of Cisco Networking. You will be taught to learn the concepts for the technologies & how to implement them. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of all the topics required for passing the Cisco CCNA exam. This course is taught in a way that it is easy to understand. The focus is to break each technology down into small components that can be understood and mastered easily. It will lay the foundation for not only passing the CCNA exam but also for future higher level certifications. In this course, you will: – Understanding the requirement for a specific technology before learning it. – Learning the concepts behind the technology and how to implement them on a Cisco Router / Switch. – Technology implementation with step – by – step approach. – Build the skills and confidence to not only ACE the CCNA 200-125 exam but also be prepared for the Real life implementations. – Use the knowledge and skills to jumpstart your networking career. Who this course is for: Students that want to achieve the highly coveted Cisco CCNA Certification Download : [Hidden Content]
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